Apocalypse Combat Hunting Knives

Smith & Wesson Bayonet

If your AR15 isn’t sporting a bayonet you may just be a giant pussy. When the call comes to fix bayonets and charge don’t be the only prepper in your militia that has to duct tape a swiss army knife to his barrel. Make sure you’ve got a big ass bayonet. This one has a staberiffic 7.8 inch blade.

Apocalypse Burglary Climbing

Grappling Hook

What kind of pussy doesn’t own a grappling hook? When the police are defunded and LA’s homeless take over piracy may well become a perfectly valid carrier choice. And you’ll be glad you already have a grappling hook. Also great for scaling compound walls.

Apocalypse Burglary Combat

Tactical Pen

Whether you need to break a window or someone’s face this is the most savage pen you can buy. Parker pens are for pussies, who needs gold when you can have a tungsten tip. Great for writing ransom notes, death threats and love letters.

Apocalypse Combat Hunting

Air Bow

This air-bow uses compressed air to shoot a full size broad tip arrow at 450 fps. Kill a deer at 50 yards, hell kill a moose. Fires up to 8 arrows at full power.

Combat Shoes

The Invincible Shoe

You won’t need to pussy foot around in these invincible shoes. With steel toes and kevlar soles you’ll be kicking in doors and teeth. Perfect for stomping on nails or stomping on heads. Get some now and protect those savage feet.