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Bitcoin Wallet

Keep your ill gotten gains safe with the Trezor Model T Bitcoin wallet. Whether your a real Somalian pirate or the Dread Pirate Roberts, these days you don’t bury your treasure you store it on the blockchain. The Trezor Model T is a great way to do that just don’t lose it on a drunken night out. #Bitcoin.


Toughbook Laptop

If you want a laptop tough enough you can beat a man to death with it, and then use it to email your condolences to his family then the Toughbook from Panasonic is what you need. It’s great for anyone working on site, or filming and editing in wild places. With a huge 40 hour battery life, and built to withstand a 3 foot drop into a pool of boiling lava, this is the most rugged laptop you’ll find.