Camping Climbing Shoes

Claws for Your Feet

Ok so they’re called crapons, but really they ARE literally claws for your feet. Whether you’re climbing for fun, or need to take the high ground, these Lynx Crampons from Petzl are just what you need. Never, ever wear them in a waterbed.

Apocalypse Combat Hunting Shoes

Quest 4D GTX Forces 2 Boots

These boots allow you to kick ass. They’re designed to be rugged enough to climb a mountain pass, slide down a scree slope, or ford a stream without getting wet feet. And still be flexible enough to allow you to take a knee when shooting, or sprint for cover when required. These are the best allround boots for people who think they’re “special operators”. Actual special operators may or may not wear them to.. That’s classified.

Combat Shoes

The Invincible Shoe

You won’t need to pussy foot around in these invincible shoes. With steel toes and kevlar soles you’ll be kicking in doors and teeth. Perfect for stomping on nails or stomping on heads. Get some now and protect those savage feet.