Exercise Little Savages

100mph+ Pitching Machine

It’ll throw the speedball by you, make you look like a fool. The Hack Attack is a commercial quality pitching machine. It’ll fire that ball in at over 100mph. It’ll also throw curveballs, and pretty much anything else you want. There’s a conversion kit available to make it throw softballs as well if you have a daughter.

Little Savages MMA

Home Wrestling Mat

If your home doesn’t have a wrestling mat is it really even a home? Whether your, wrestling the wife, the kids, or a “special friend”, this is the perfect mat. Made in the USA by Resilite if offers all the protection you’ll need even from the hardest of slams. 10′ x 10′ It’s big enough for two adults to roll around on. Get pinned in your own home.

Drones & RC Little Savages

70 mph RC Car

Great for really young savages wanting to start out with their first RC Car. The E-Revo from Traxxas tops out at a sedate 70 miles per hour. Weighing 11.2 pounds it’ll hit an ankle with around 60 x the hitting power of a round from a Glock 19.

Books Little Savages

All My Friends Are Dead

Want to raise a savage? It starts with a quality education. Teach your little savage to read with this fantastic picture book. You’ll laugh, they’ll cry.