Drones & RC

Large Payload Drone

Whether you’re doing surveillance or just need to deliver packages, the Matrice V2 from DJI has an 8km range allowing deep border penetration. And with encrypted communications you’ll be sure your communications are not intercepted. You’ll be able to deliver a payload of 1.45kgs of icing sugar to a neighbour 8km away. Perhaps even a neighbour in another country. With a top speed of over 50mph making it difficult to track or intercept.

Drones & RC Little Savages

70 mph RC Car

Great for really young savages wanting to start out with their first RC Car. The E-Revo from Traxxas tops out at a sedate 70 miles per hour. Weighing 11.2 pounds it’ll hit an ankle with around 60 x the hitting power of a round from a Glock 19.

Apocalypse Combat Drones & RC Hunting Piracy

ROV Speargun Underwater Drone

Protect your yacht from frogmen with an ROV speargun. Is there really any point to seeing a fish with your undersea drone if you can’t shoot it?