Apocalypse Burglary Self Defence

Razor Wire

Because quite frankly barbed wire is for pussies. If you’re serious about keeping people out of your bunker then you’re gonna need rolls and rolls of this razory goodness. Not effective against virus crazed loons or zombies.

Burglary Self Defence Spy Shit

CO2 Powered Pepper Spray Gun

Fuck paintball. Shoot pepper spray pellets instead. This CO2 powered pistol fires paintball like pellets that release a cloud or pepper spray on impact. Giving you the ability to exert non lethal force to deter your mother-in-law from approaching at a greater distance. Also useful for prison guards and law enforcement.

Apocalypse Burglary Combat Hunting

LED Tactical Weapon Light

Even a savage needs to know what the fuck he’s shooting at. Identify a zombie at 50 yards even on the darkest of nights with this super bright tactical weapon light.

Apocalypse Burglary Climbing

Grappling Hook

What kind of pussy doesn’t own a grappling hook? When the police are defunded and LA’s homeless take over piracy may well become a perfectly valid carrier choice. And you’ll be glad you already have a grappling hook. Also great for scaling compound walls.

Apocalypse Burglary Combat

Tactical Pen

Whether you need to break a window or someone’s face this is the most savage pen you can buy. Parker pens are for pussies, who needs gold when you can have a tungsten tip. Great for writing ransom notes, death threats and love letters.