Apocalypse Combat Hunting Knives

Smith & Wesson Bayonet

If your AR15 isn’t sporting a bayonet you may just be a giant pussy. When the call comes to fix bayonets and charge don’t be the only prepper in your militia that has to duct tape a swiss army knife to his barrel. Make sure you’ve got a big ass bayonet. This one has a staberiffic 7.8 inch blade.

Apocalypse Burglary Climbing

Grappling Hook

What kind of pussy doesn’t own a grappling hook? When the police are defunded and LA’s homeless take over piracy may well become a perfectly valid carrier choice. And you’ll be glad you already have a grappling hook. Also great for scaling compound walls.

Apocalypse Burglary Combat

Tactical Pen

Whether you need to break a window or someone’s face this is the most savage pen you can buy. Parker pens are for pussies, who needs gold when you can have a tungsten tip. Great for writing ransom notes, death threats and love letters.

Apocalypse Combat Hunting

Air Bow

This air-bow uses compressed air to shoot a full size broad tip arrow at 450 fps. Kill a deer at 50 yards, hell kill a moose. Fires up to 8 arrows at full power.